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What's In My Camera Bag?

March 9, 2017

What’s in My Camera Bag?

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me what camera I use, or what lens I was shooting with, I would maybe have enough money to travel around just taking photos. The truth of the matter is, you can achieve a great photo with a simple camera (even with just your phone!), but because I’ve been asked so much, here’s what I carry around in my camera bag when I embark on my travels!

My camera bag itself is one of my favorite travel accessories, from ONA bags, it’s “The Brixton”. Made from water-resistant canvas, this bag can hold my camera, a few lenses, as well as my laptop! I normally bring this on the plane as my personal item and I can know that I have everything I need. It’s a little large for just a camera bag, but I love it for everything I can take with me while I travel!

The camera that I use the most is a Canon 6D, the most affordable full frame camera that I found on the market, and I must say, I absolutely adore it. It’s very versatile and allows me to work with my camera just as if it were a film camera which I love. To keep my camera wrapped around my neck, I’ve got THE CUTEST pineapple camera strap from Serengetee, a company that supports artisans and their families from over 25 countries, as well as donating a portion of their profits to many causes around the world. Something that’s cute and gives back keeps me so happy to hold onto my camera.  I’ve also got the standard battery charger that came with the camera as well as a few memory cards and a cheap little memory card holder to keep them all together.

I’ve got three main lenses that are found in my bag, the main one is a Canon 24-105mm that I use for just about everything. I’ve also got an 85mm and a 50mm lens that I mainly use for portraiture, or any “up-close and awesome” shots that I need. If I’m trying to save on space and weight, a lot of times I’ll leave the 85mm at home because I feel I can get everything I want out of the other two. With these lenses, I also keep a clear UV filter on at all times to help give just a bit more protection, and have a hood for all of them to keep unwanted sun flares away.

My big DSLR isn’t the only thing I carry around with me however, in my bag I’ve also got a Fujifilm Instax mini which are all the rage right now as well as film for this. I love being able to have something immediately tangible, and there’s always something different you will get out of having to think completely through your shot rather than just shooting a million photos hoping one will turn out. You can normally find all of these photos pinned to the big map in my room to help keep the wanderlust up. 

I also like to carry around my GoPro Hero3+ Sliver edition. I love having this for any action shots that I take, or for big hikes that I don’t feel like lugging my big camera around for. It’s also great to get some video shots in, and is the closest thing I have to a wide angle lens. I don’t use this as often as the others, but it’s still so fun for all of the fun that I can’t take my big camera with for. 

Ashley Murphy

My name is Ash, I am a designer, photographer, writer, and above all an explorer. My addiction for traveling began back when I went abroad to New Zealand for six months spending every weekend venturing to a new place. Since then, the travel bug has hit, and the place I am tends to change as much as my hair color. Though the majority of my savings gets spent on experiencing new places (much to the demise of my frugal accountant mother), I would love nothing more than to travel to every corner of the world, experiencing all that it has to offer with the small amount of time that I have here.

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