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August 14, 2017
My Move Abroad: Germany

Things are changing for me and as a result, will be changing for the Voyaging Viking!

I'm sure you've noticed I have shifted my focus slightly-while I still LOVE writing about travel, I absolutely adore and am infatuated with languages. I always have been but figured I was too dumb or couldn't make any money with it or whatever a high schooler thinks. Anyway, I've added a lot to the language portion of the site and I hope you guys don't hate me for it.

Another big change is my upcoming move abroad. I am terrified. I am not sure how well I have conveyed my fear...So far, the excitement has overwhelmed the fear but I can feel it creeping back in. I'm saying peace out to my boyfriend, my family, and my life that I have built here in the US. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to complain, but it is hard! I also didn't realize the emotional toll this would take on me. I also didn't realize just how stressed I would really get.

My blog will continue to run and run fairly similarly to how it is currently. Travel, language, culture...all that good stuff. You may see that I tend to talk a lot about European travels and languages...this will likely only increase! You'll hear more on being an expat and living abroad. You'll hear my experiences on being an au pair and trying to assimilate into German life. I plan on doing a lot of family research as well.

As always, I will be my real, hella sarcastic self and hope that I don't offend anyone.

Now, to the fun stuff.

My travel plans for this year!

I am going back to Sweden!

When? End of August 2017! AKA HELLA SOON.

Where? I will mostly be in Göteborg but spending a few days in Stockholm.

Why? Visiting my super awesome family and my last trip abroad with my mommy! She is the best travel buddy so we have to make an event out of our last trip together for a while! We have been to Iceland, Sweden, Scotland, and Canada together. I can't wait.

She is the best travel buddy.

Don't tell Finlay...He will get jealous.

Moving to Germany!

1 September I will be living in Germany! Landshut, Bavaria, here I come! 

I will be at Oktoberfest in München!

I will be the chick wearing a dirndl. LOL. 

But I will be there! And I will be there with my brother Jason, contributor to There Are Four Mics and guest post writer here on the Voyaging Viking! His wife is also coming the second week so it will be a great reunion. Look for us and I may just give you a drunk Viking hug.

Don't remember who Jason is? That's okay, I won't tell him. He wrote a post on a park in Kyoto.
His wife? She's been on here too! She wrote a post on where you can check out monkeys in Kyoto and how she freaked out the first time she went to Japan.

I will be heading to Prague!

I love Czechia. I love Prague! I plan on heading to Prague in December-I would really love to see it covered in snow. It's likely I will make a few trips, though :) 

I will be going to Riga, Latvia

I don't have a date for this yet. This is going to be a tough trip for me-as much as I love Riga, its culture and vibrant history, it is a hard place for me as I plan on visiting the Riga Ghetto Memorial to honor my family that was killed in Riga and the Rumbula forest during WWII.

Other places on my list:

-Bratislava, Slovakia

-Ljubljana, Slovenia

-Annecy, France

-Strasbourg, France

-Lyon, France

-Philippsburg, Germany

-Hamburg, Germany

-Warsaw, Poland

-Krakow, Poland

-Katowice, Poland

-Gdańsk, Poland

-Łódź, Poland

-Linz, Austria

-Vienna, Austria

-Innsbruck, Austria

-Zürich, Switzerland

-Lucerne, Switzerland

-Český Krumlov, Czechia

-Brno, Czechia

-Copenhagen, Denmark

-Kiev, Ukraine

-Lviv, Ukraine

-Sofia, Bulgaria

-Belgrade, Serbia

Good lord. There are so many I want to see. I know I've forgotten a lot and that this list will grow exponentially.

I am really looking forward to traveling slowly, experiencing everything that I can, soaking up the languages and cultures, and eating lots of food. If you have been to any of the destinations above or have one that I missed, let me know! I wanna hear all about it! 

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My name is Siggi-dubbed by my American friends because of the Icelandic yogurt-I am a writer, polyglot, and aspiring expat, not a cup of yogurt (unfortunately).

My love for travelling began with a trip to Iceland and Sweden to visit my family when I was just 15 years old. I spent so long dreaming of the possibilities of life abroad but I always figured these dreams were too far reached. Flash forward almost 10 years, here I am again, both cursing and thanking this damn travel bug.

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