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Things to do in Leavenworth, WA, USA

May 2, 2017

Leavenworth is a town in Central Washington (No, not Washington D.C.) and is known for it's Bavarian feel.

It is about 3 hours from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and you will have to go over some mountain passes. It is beautiful in the fall and winter but the passes often close because of inclement weather and can be riddled with accidents.

Places to Stay: 

My boyfriend and I stayed at the Bavarian Lodge and loved it. The room was incredibly clean, the staff super helpful, and it is just a short walk to town. They even had a little stuffed bear waiting for us when we got there. Brownie points! 

Leavenworth has been catering to tourists and huge Christmas fans for years and you will find plenty of high quality and cute hotels. Here are a few:

  • ‍Der Ritterhof Inn
  • ‍FairBridge Inn & Suites Leavenworth
  • ‍Alpine Rivers Inn
  • ‍Alpen Rose Inn
  • ‍Hotel-Pension Anna

Places to Eat: 

Leavenworth is known locally for it's breweries so there are plenty of places to get a brew on or stop by for some actual, substantial food.

  • Good Mood Food
  • Wild Huckleberry Restaurant
  • Louie's Cafe
  • Sandy's Waffle & Dinner Haus
  • Kristall's Restaurant & Lounge
  • Munchen Haus
  • Pavz
  • Soup Cellar
  • Bavarian Bistro & Bar

My boyfriend and I visited the soup cellar because it looked pretty quaint and different...we were right! Guests are encouraged to tack up a dollar bill with their name written on it or some kind of message. Come back in a few years and reminisce! 

Places to Drink (maybe the most important part of this list?!)

  • Baroness Cellars
  • Blue Spirits Distilling
  • Icicle Brewing Company
  • Silvara Vineyards
  • Eagle Creek Winery
  • Icicle Ridge Winery
  • Doghaus Brewery

Things to Do: 

Leavenworth had a wide array of antique stores, restaurants, breweries, and unique shops for you to explore during your stay. Much of the shopping is on the same street or within just a couple blocks. There are also plenty of parks and opportunities for some outdoor activities! Some of these are a bit out of the way so you will have to drive and some activities are only available in the winter and others in the summer

  • Nutcracker Museum (it's cooler than it sounds, I promise)
  • River rafting & tubing 
  • Hiking Trails (Icicle Ridge, Enchantment Lakes, Penstock Trail, Hidden Lake)
  • Parks (Front Street, Waterfront, Enchantment)
  • Golf courses (2)
  • Icicle Junction Activities Center (Family fun!)
  • 4WD, ATV & Off-Road Tours 
  • Ski/snowboard slopes (Plain Valley Nordic Trails, Leavenworth Ski Hill)
  • Sleigh rides
  • Snowmobile Tours
  • Ziplines
  • Dogsledding
  • Summer theater
  • Reindeer farm & Eagle Creek Ranch

Hope you enjoy your trip to my beautiful home state!

Siggi Einarson

My name is Siggi-dubbed by my American friends because of the Icelandic yogurt-I am a writer, polyglot, and aspiring expat, not a cup of yogurt (unfortunately).

My love for travelling began with a trip to Iceland and Sweden to visit my family when I was just 15 years old. I spent so long dreaming of the possibilities of life abroad but I always figured these dreams were too far reached. Flash forward almost 10 years, here I am again, both cursing and thanking this damn travel bug.

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