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The 7 Best Mirrorless Cameras

February 13, 2017

The 7 Best Mirrorless Cameras

Guest post by Ashley Murphy

If you’re involved in the camera world, you’ve probably heard about the mirrorless camera, and how they’re completely taking over the camera world lately, but what makes them so special? And how do you choose the right one? Well have no fear, UNDERDOG IS HE-

Sorry. I’m here to give a little run down of what makes a mirrorless camera so great, as well as seven of the best mirrorless cameras currently on the market, check it out!

Mirrorless cameras may leave many of the DSLR photography lovers a bit skeptical, how can you have a camera that looks so similar to a point-and-shoot, and still get the quality of a DSLR camera? Here’s where the genius of mirrorless comes in. The mirrorless, or compact system, camera ditches the mirrors (hence mirrorless) of the DSLR, while keeping the big sensors and interchangeable lenses. This makes for a smaller, lighter, and simpler camera, with nearly all of the same capabilities as a DSLR.

Each mirrorless camera is a bit different, some with a compact body, some styled more like a DSLR, some of the cheaper mirrorless cameras don’t come with viewfinders. Each photographer is just as unique, so I’ve found the 7 best mirrorless cameras currently on the market based on handling, performance, size, simplicity and value for the cost!


Many photographers and comparison sites are praising the Fujifilm X-T2, which is a perfect for photography enthusiasts. This camera is a rugged, weather-sealed camera with a great sensor that can still get marvelous quality, color-accurate images even at the highest ISO, all in a retro-styled body. Some other factors that sets this camera apart from its competitors is the great auto-focus system, capability for 4K video shooting, and a hinged rear screen, all coming in a compact camera, reducing on the bulk of the DSLRs. Though mirrorless cameras have a ways to go when it comes to lens options and accessories, Fujifilm has an impressive track record of improving camera features, so this is an investment that will be well worth it.


The Olympus Pen-F is a great choice if you want the compact system that mirrorless cameras have to offer, but are willing to drop some features like weather-sealing and a less impressive auto-focus system. This camera is compact enough to fit in a coat pocket, and has an image-stabilization system that allows for handheld images at shutter speeds up to five stops slower without needing stabilization like a tripod. For about $900 less than some other options, this is a great option that may leave you alright without having the weather sealed option, and being alright needing an extra second to focus on your subject.


The most expensive camera on this list, it also happens to be one of the cameras that I dream of having. The Leica is the camera that many have been waiting for. This camera is very capable with the elements, with the ability to go to the arctic and back. This camera has it all; beautiful colors, a high resolution screen, weather sealing, top notch video skills, the compact size, and comes with the impressively small lens options that Leica has to offer. The image quality and robustness of this camera makes it one of the best, if not THE best mirrorless on the market.


If you’re just starting to get into photography but still want to jump on the mirrorless camera train, this might be the option for you. I’m naming this camera the Best Beginner Mirrorless Camera. The A6000 has an auto-focus that’s comparable to your DSLR, and shoots just as fast without the bulky price tag. Though this camera is one of the cheaper mirrorless options, you will still get a viewfinder that many other lower priced mirrorless don’t have. This camera doesn’t have anything too special when it comes to mirrorless, but it still has all of the basics, like compact body, and interchangeable lens options, making it a great starter mirrorless camera, a big step up from your run of the mill point-and-shoot.


The world’s first full-frame mirrorless camera with a 5-axis image stabilization (hold for applause), making it perfect for the pros. This small camera fits in most bags, and is so customizable that your favorite controls can be there at a touch of a button. The image quality is also superb, with bright, clear photos with a low amount of noise that Sony is known for. This camera also comes with a wireless capability allowing you to get your shots to your smartphone or computer quicker than you ever thought possible. If you’re looking for something with a bit higher resolution, check out this camera’s sibling the A7R II, which will have the same features but will nearly double the number of Megapixels.


Though this camera isn’t quite perfect, the cheaper price tag can make it a bit more appealing, making it one of the most compelling mid-range mirrorless cameras currently on the market. The image quality and auto-focus is generally very good, processing speeds are fast, and with a strong 4K video quality, this camera makes for another wonderful option for beginners.


Another camera from Fujifilm that’s directed toward the photography enthusiast. This camera is very similar to the X-T2, using the same 24.3MP sensor, however, it does skimp just a bit on the auto-focus system. Unique to other mirrorless options is the viewfinder, which offers BOTH an EVF and optical viewfinder, as well as an electric rangefinder that has the offers a small version of the electronic finder in the corner of the optical one. This camera will reward you with a lovely, simple shooting experience as well as crystal clear images.

Mirrorless cameras can be intimidating and leave many skeptical, but with their popularity comes more advancements, the range of lenses and accessories is ever growing, making this camera one of the best investments you can currently make in the photography realm. Happy shooting! 

Still a bit confused? Don't worry, you're not alone. Check out some of our tips for beginning travel photographers and help on deciding whether to go mirrorless or DSLR.

Not sure how to use your mirrorless camera? Don't worry, we got you covered.

Fujifilm X-T2

Olympus Pen F

Sony Alpha A6000

Sony Alpha A7 II 

Panasonic Lumix

Fujifilm X-Pro2

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Ashley Murphy

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