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Maybe It is a New Year New Me...

February 17, 2017

Or at least a new website.

After I ranted on about my hate for the "new year new me" garbage on my Goals for 2017 I decided to do an overhaul and update on my website. Does it mean I have no principles? That I am a hypocrite?? 

Well, I hope not.

You are probably thinking something along the lines of...

But Siggi-Your website looks exactly the same! 

Well, that was part of the goal. I love the look of my website! I wasn't interested in a new design for it (at least not yet) but I needed to improve the functionality and add some features I didn't have before. So what is covered in this update? 

  • Brand new photography page: All of our posts on photography will be on this page now. We have a lot planned and SO many articles and pages I wanted to separate them out.
  • Fixed my d*** mailing list: You probably noticed. Hey, great, let me subscribe to this AWESOME blog and be updated with their beautiful, original, and interesting content! (Or you were my mom and wanted to see what all of this was about. Thank you Mom) and you never got anything! Well, sign up now and you will. I promise.
  • Cleaned it all up! I wasn't totally happy with everything previously. Some stuff broke and I couldn't fix. Some stuff was out of place or didn't make sense. These should be fixed (mostly) now! 

The biggest reason I made this change is that I have a lot planned for the website. My team and I have a lot of things in the works that we are SO excited about. Like, Michelle Tanner excited.

So I think you for your patience as I continue to clean up this website! Stay tuned! 

Siggi Einarson

My name is Siggi-dubbed by my American friends because of the Icelandic yogurt-I am a writer, polyglot, and aspiring expat, not a cup of yogurt (unfortunately).

My love for travelling began with a trip to Iceland and Sweden to visit my family when I was just 15 years old. I spent so long dreaming of the possibilities of life abroad but I always figured these dreams were too far reached. Flash forward almost 10 years, here I am again, both cursing and thanking this damn travel bug.

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