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How to Get to the Sólheimasandur Plane Crash

May 1, 2017

44 years later and people still flock to the ruins of a crashed DC-3 in South Iceland. In 1973, a US Navy aircraft ran out of fuel and crashed into a black sand beach in southern Iceland. Well, it didn't actually run out of fuel; the pilot switched to the wrong tank. Both the pilot and copilot survived, though they were later quoted as seeing the landscape of Iceland and thinking it looked like the moon. The sight is startling and eerie and it is definitely a recommended stop in anyone's trip to Iceland.

solheimasandur plane crash

You used to be able to drive right up to the ruins of the aircraft but the landowner has since put up gates and signs. This is his private property and as a farmer, is unable to fund the maintenance of the area. He mentioned that tourists are just "driving all over the place." Very unfortunate.

The Sólheimasandur plane crash is marked on Google Maps so it is possible to map it once you park your car and begin walking.

The coordinates for the parking lot: 63.4912391,-19.3632810

The coordinates for the site: 63.459523,-19.364618

From the parking lot, it is a 4km walk to the crash site and will take about 45 minutes each way to walk it. You can still see some of the tire treads on the way to the crash and it is literally a straight shot from the parking lot. The area is quite desolate so make sure you stay on the path and keep going straight. You won't see anything except for the plane crash itself. This has been growing in popularity so you may see others walking along the path. Follow them! 

solheimasandur map
via Google Maps

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solheimasandur map
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