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Essential German Insults

April 26, 2017

Who doesn't love those weird hipster images with quotes that has nothing to do with the images? 

german insults
german insults
will do, plant. thank u
german insults

I don't understand?! Who thought of that? Well, I decided to fill the internet with even more and make my own. These are better tho, I swear. These have German insults on them. Who doesn't want to learn how to yell at someone in German? 

Why do I write so much about the German language? 

Arsch mit Ohren

This literally means arse with ears. This is kind of like calling someone a walking arse, or an asshole as we like to say in America

german insults


"son of a dog". Equivalent to SOB in America


This is equivalent to the American chatterbox but literally, it means babble bag

german insults


A dimwit, dummy, idiot. Literally it is a candelabra.


A brat. Direct translation is snot-spoon


A gangly, very skinny person. Literally translated as asparagus Tarzan. I dunno...since asparagus is skinny? 

german insults


A slowpoke! A very slow person..think that guy you get stuck behind on the sidewalk who can't look up from his phone. Directly translated as...a bag of whale blubber. You heard me right.


This was made popular in America thanks to Hogan's Heroes, meaning dummy. Made up of Dumm (dumb) and kopf (head)


An ugly person. Literally a face of ground meat.

german insults


So this is the same as calling someone an ass or asshole in the US. But it is literally translated as ass-violin. I don't know why?! I personally like violins!


This is my personal favorite. I'm not sure what the English implication or translation is but it means lump of puke

german insults


A nitpicker, someone who finds something wrong with everything. Literally a pea counter


This is a stupid tool. It looks stupid. It is a folding shovel. So if you are trying to insult someone who definitely looks and acts like a person but just isn't quite there in the noggin

german insults


Ok so this is a dog insult (dog lovers, please don't hate on me) it refers to a small dog that thinks it is tough and scary like a doberman or something. It means combat dachshund. I just wish I could use this one more.

If you are actually interested in learning German, don't worry, I have a post for that too.

Looking to insult people in a different language? I have some in Icelandic, too :)

german insults
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