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Bite Size Travel Guide: Scotland

May 17, 2017
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Bite Size Travel Guide to Scotland

things to do in scotland uk

Scotland boasts some of the oldest and most complete historical sites in the world. From preserved villages dating back to the stone age, castles and abbeys built in the 15th century, to businesses that were established in the 1450s. How crazy? The landscape is breathtaking and the people resilient and welcoming. If you are considering visiting Scotland, you will not be disappointed! 


-Capital: Edinburgh

-Most populated city: Glasgow

-Language: English, Scottish English, Scots

-Timezone: GMT-UTC

-Currency: Pounds

-Electrical Outlet Voltage: 220-240 volts

-Rail System: Scotrail

-Bus System: Varies per city; Scottish CityLink, Lothian Buses, Megabus, Stagecoach

-Cars drive on the LEFT side of the road. Make sure you look RIGHT when crossing the street.

-Emergency Number: 999 (police, ambulance)

things to do in scotland

Top Scotland Packing Tips: 

-Layers: Scotland is incredibly windy! Even if it is sunny outside, be sure to wear extra layers that you can easily take off if you get too warm.

-Scarf or a shemagh

-Rain gear

-Insect repellent-you will thank me as soon as you encounter the midges.

-Comfortable walking shoes

-Power adapter and converter: Unfortunately in most cases, the 7 dollar adapter you get at Target is not enough. That's how my mother melted several things in Scotland. You need something that not only adapts to how your plug is made but also converts the voltage.

-Coin purse or some kind of vehicle for change. They do not have notes for 1 pound-the smallest note they have is the 5 pound note. Use your change for the bus as they rarely give you change if you over pay. I personally have fallen in love with these

-Camera equipment- this is a MUST! Scotland is beautiful! 

scotland travel guide

Things to Do & See in Scotland:

Towns & Places to See:



-Isle of Skye

-Fort William

-St. Andrews

-Isle of Harris



history nerd scotland
This is the face of a history nerd in Old Town Ayr
Castles & Abbeys:

-Edinburgh Castle

-Holyrood Palace

-Crossraguel Abbey

-Dunnottar Castle

-Stirling Castle

-Paisley Abbey Church of Scotland

-Linlithgow Palace

-Inverness Castle

-Jedburgh Abbey

-Balmoral Castle

-Melrose Abbey


-Loch Ness

-Carnegie Library

-Royal Botanic Garden

-HMY Britannia

-Loch Lomond

-Skara Brae

-Royal Mile

-Culloden Battlefield

Geological Formations: 

-Arthur's Seat

-The Old Man of Storr

-Calton Hill


things to do in scotland

Want some more on things to do in Scotland? 

-10 Hours in Glasgow

-Crossraguel Abbey

-Carry On: Scotland Edition

-Why Scotland Made Me Want to Shave My Head

-10 Things I Learned in Scotland

-Scottish Slang

things to do in scotland edinburgh
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