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Big News: I'm Moving to Germany!

July 5, 2017
My Move Abroad: Germany

You heard me, I'm moving to Germany! 

move overseas
work overseas

More specifically, I will be living in Bavaria!

work abroad
work overseas

Are you freaking out as much as I am right now?! Probably not because I am a nut case but that is okay! I can't even begin to explain how excited and terrified I am to begin this journey. I know I haven't really kept you up to date on everything going on so this may be a big shock to some of my readers.

I will be working as an au pair in Landshut, Bavaria for this wonderful family of 4 starting 1 September. They have two adorable little boys and live in a beautiful town! I will have some time to myself where I can travel and experience the places around me. I am so excited to get into my German immersion classes and feel what it is like to live in Germany. 

As I am sure you know by now, I am a huge nerd of languages and love learning about new cultures so, I am understandably incredibly excited for this opportunity. I love slow travel and really getting a feeling for where I am staying rather than crossing countries off a list. I am excited to use my German language skills and hopefully improve them and immerse myself in the culture and lifestyle of my family.

There are so many places I want to visit and things I need to see while I am there so be prepared for a busy (but wonderful) year with the Voyaging Viking! While I don't just visit countries to cross them off a list or see them as fast as I list of countries and cities I plan on going to in 2017 and 2018 is growing! 

Siggi Einarson

My name is Siggi-dubbed by my American friends because of the Icelandic yogurt-I am a writer, polyglot, and aspiring expat, not a cup of yogurt (unfortunately).

My love for travelling began with a trip to Iceland and Sweden to visit my family when I was just 15 years old. I spent so long dreaming of the possibilities of life abroad but I always figured these dreams were too far reached. Flash forward almost 10 years, here I am again, both cursing and thanking this damn travel bug.

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