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Ask Siggi: Best Time to Visit Iceland?

June 13, 2017

When is the Best Time to Visit Iceland?

best time to visit iceland

This is the question I get asked the most. But defining the best time to visit Iceland isn't always clear and the answer often varies person to person. You have to consider what you would like to get out of your trip to Iceland. Hopefully I can answer this perpetual question once and for all for all potential visitors to Iceland.

Visit Iceland in the Fall (September-November)


-Not peak tourist time

-Weather is okay

-Days are longer than in winter

-Occasionally you can see the Northern Lights in November


-Can be stormy and even start snowing

-Rain picks up in October

-Getting chilly!

best time to visit iceland

Visit Iceland in the Winter (December-February)


-Not many people visit during the winter so there won't be crowds

-You can see the Northern Lights (if it isn't cloudy)

-You can see big chunks of the Milky Way (if it isn't cloudy)

-Iceland is so beautiful covered in snow! 


-Bad driving conditions

-Very cold! 

-Flights often get delayed because of storms

-Frequent storms

-Sailing times can be delayed or canceled, some do not run in winter

-Occasionally, people are urged to stay inside because of weather conditions

-Days are very short; deep in winter the sun may rise at 12pm and set at 3pm.

best time to visit iceland

Visit Iceland in the Spring (March-May)


-Less people visit Iceland during this time

-Days are getting longer (sun comes up! Yay!)


-It can still snow

-Bad weather

-Bad driving conditions

-Still cold! 

best time to visit iceland

Visit Iceland in the Summer (June-August)


-Better weather (Still can be chilly and rainy)

-Days are super long-"Land of the midnight sun"

-Ferries are running more or less on schedule

-Less storms

-Good driving conditions


-Peak tourism range so attractions will be busier

-Days are super long-it will take you time to adjust! Waking up at 11pm and seeing what looks like daytime is disorienting.

-You won't see the Northern Lights

best time to visit iceland

So, as you see, the best time to visit Iceland really depends on what you want to get out of your trip. In short: 

Want to see the Northern Lights? Try between late October-March (best bet in winter)

Want to see the mdinight sun? Try late spring through summer

Want fewer tourists? Try fall through winter.

Don't care about lines? Spring and summer it is! 

And there you have it. Hopefully this will help you figure out the best time for you to go. If you have more questions, leave it in the comments! 

best time to visit iceland

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Siggi Einarson

My name is Siggi-dubbed by my American friends because of the Icelandic yogurt-I am a writer, polyglot, and aspiring expat, not a cup of yogurt (unfortunately).

My love for travelling began with a trip to Iceland and Sweden to visit my family when I was just 15 years old. I spent so long dreaming of the possibilities of life abroad but I always figured these dreams were too far reached. Flash forward almost 10 years, here I am again, both cursing and thanking this damn travel bug.

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